Impacting Lives and Helping At Risk Youth to Succeed Through Mentorship, Counselling, Workshops, and Other Resources.


Impacting Lives and Helping At Risk Youth to Succeed Through Mentorship, Counselling, Workshops, and Other Resources.


Youth Mentorship Program is designed to support youth who are experiencing negative and unhealthy distractions, delinquent behaviour, and social barriers to completing their secondary diploma.


We offer speakers from various cultural backgrounds, who work within public and private sectors, and are passionate about transforming lives through the delivery of educative speaking engagement.

What We Do

Our platform focuses on creating lucid content that educates, transforms, and empowers youth to discover their strengths and how it can be reflected and shared in society. Keep6ix recognizes the lack of services and rehabilitative supports to prevent and reduce young people from coming into conflict with the Criminal Justice System. Our highly trained staff are skilled and passionate about working with individuals who are culturally identified as at-risk, marginalized, racially oppressed, and/or who reside in communities experiencing high levels of poverty, delinquency, and crime.

Our Mission

The ultimate vision of Keep6ix is to reduce youth’s risk of involvement in present and future crime and violence by:

  • Providing multifaceted services which aim at addressing and alleviating poverty as a mechanism to de-incentive crime among youth.
  • Supporting criminalized, marginalized and racialized communities to attain positivity and break the odds.
  • Paying attention to the particularities of Black, Indigenous, refugee and newcomer youth needs because they are overrepresented in the criminal justice system.
  • Advocating for systematic change in criminal justice by challenging the system of oppression and discrimination in the justice system.
  • Educating the key stakeholders in the justice system, such as the police and court, to center Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in their work.
  • Offering transformative and restorative justice as an alternative to the criminal justice system.


Gangs 4 Tuition Program

Gangs 4 Tuition is a job skills training program that provides a pathway to employment and sustainable living. Through various partnerships, youth have the opportunity to select from a variety of training options in the areas of construction, waste management, healthcare and digital media, opening the door for employment opportunities.

Youth-In-Music Program

Youth-In-Music is a three-month interactive program structured around teaching youth how to manifest their hidden creative potential. This program promotes discipline, focus, positive expression, teamwork, confidence and performance as it relates to academic excellence. It engages youth in Performing Arts studies as they learn music strategies through creating, presenting, reflecting, responding and analyzing music theory.


Keep6ix Youth Mentorship

Keep6ix believes that mentoring is built on a foundation of respect, honesty and trust. Youth are supported by mentors with lived experience, to overcome negative distractions, delinquent behavior and social barriers that could prevent them from completing their secondary school diploma.

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Career Development Support

We offer career development support services to help create meaningful economic change in the lives of youth. The goal is to decrease unemployment within the community by providing a guided, purposeful pathway to employment in the construction industry.

Other Services

Connect the 6ix – a weekly Instagram live connecting the 6ix, one interview at a time, celebrating members of the community and the work they do.
Empowerment to Unlock the Justice System – a monthly Instagram live panel discussion, streamed on Facebook and YouTube, addressing the barriers in the criminal justice system and discussing solutions.

A variety of other resources are provided to those in the community who require support around social injustice, mental health concerns and educational support.

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We welcome donations in a variety of ways, such as gift cards, merchandise, services, food or financial assistance. In exchange, you receive public recognition for your support, advertisement on our website, and the opportunity to attend all our events/workshops at minimal or no cost.

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