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Jordana H. Goldlist

Jordana H. Goldlist is a criminal defence lawyer, business owner, public speaker, and youth mentor.  A former homeless, high school dropout, Jordana aims to teach youth how to use their struggles to their advantage by recognizing transferable skills.  
She also aims to show the ways in which the justice system is a trap, designed to keep people stuck. Jordana uses her own journey from street kid to criminal lawyer to explain her views on the system in her TEDx talk, “Who Judges The Judge?” (available on YouTube). 

Jody Yaa Dunn

Jody Yaa Dunn is a culturally responsive social service professional, with a wealth of experience in team management, social justice initiatives and developing robust service-delivery models from a client-centred lens. In addition to running a consulting company, Jody has managed initiatives for those experiencing conflict with the law and often facing the intersectionality of access to education, housing, employability, mental health challenges and involvement within the child welfare system.

Jody Yaa is passionate about working with organizations to combat anti-Black racism by addressing multiple barriers within our communities to create systemic change. She enjoys conducting needs assessments, community consultations and facilitating training that focuses on self-development, team building, management strategies and culturally responsive service delivery for the African, Caribbean and Black community.

There is an African Proverb that states, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Jody Yaa believes community work must happen from a unified approach at all levels and is skilled in connecting with staff, participants and community stakeholders to gain a real understanding of service needs and realistic outcomes.

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