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Connect The 6ix

The Connect the 6ix Instagram Live program commenced in March 2020 (planning phase and the first episode aired May 2020) by Natacha Pennycooke and Rachel Xyminis-Chen, as a way to provide virtual connection and to offer support to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) community during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This program is offered weekly on Instagram, Wednesday’s at 7 pm (EST). Since the start of this live series, we have had 43 guests from across Ontario, throughout Canada and the USA.
This virtual platform has allowed Keep6ix to make a global connection! We are amazed as to how The Connect the 6ix Instagram Live program has grown and has become an integral platform for Keep6ix.
The Connect the 6ix Instagram Live program provides important visuals for the GTA community in terms of introducing and spotlighting Black community members who have excelled in various industries, organisations and careers, while describing the manner in which they have overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. This program is educational and inspirational. The Connect the 6ix Instagram Live program is delivered both professionally and in an easily digestible manner, where the audience is a part of the conversation and encouraged to actively engage in each episode. In addition, The program provides the Black community with a forum where common issues faced can be recognized, validated, unpacked and discussed. The community needs to be heard and understood, and The Connect the 6ix Instagram Live program provides a safe space for this connection by providing a forum that gives the community a voice to connect with each other. This program has been instrumental for so many.
The Connect the 6ix Instagram Live program allows the community to connect with a variety of professionals who have spoken to various protective factors (ex.; mental health, physical health, education attainment, supportive programming, children literacy, youth entrepreneurship, healthy family dynamics, access to mentorship,and food security – just to name a few). These protective factors are necessary to promote wholistic health, to manage risk of criminal involvement, to minimize recidivism, as well as to provide tools for individual self-care, healthy family connection and overall generational

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