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Nelia Di Biase

Executive Director

Nelia Di Biase commenced her career as an investment firm branch manager in Oakville, Ontario. Although her formal education was in commerce after 10 years, she realized that she always had an innate passion for advocacy and enjoyed working with those labelled as “misunderstood”.

Her journey into advocacy started with her taking a part-time position as a substitute teacher working with adolescents and quickly found a love for working with at risk youth. Her journey then brought her to working with the Ontario Ministry of Health as a Rights Adviser to Psychiatric Patients and those undergoing their treatment in the community.

During her time serving as Rights Adviser, to decompress she started dabbling in the music industry as she has always found music to be therapeutic. Her “dabbling” in the music industry quickly and by surprise, she found herself starting an entertainment management company. This start-up had her working with such clients as “DMX”, Lucenzo, Akon and Snoop Dogg, to name a few. During this time, she specialized in the East Coast Hip Hop scene, where, unfortunately, many of her clients were dealing with addiction and criminality issues as the majority of clients (99%) had served time in federal penitentiaries. Her time in the Entertainment Industry garnered partnerships with Universal Music, Allied Artists, E-one and Sony Music Group as well as G-Unit and Bad Boy Records.

Nelia created a global marketing strategy with Allied Artists geared toward distribution of urban movies in foreign non-conventional markets.

Prior to the pandemic, Nelia received her certification as an aromatherapist and started creating formulations to compliment conventional medical therapies for people dealing with dementia, the elderly, and those suffering from anxiety. She created another company called Boombah Naturals which formulated and manufactured natural products.

Due to the pandemic, the business, like others came to a halt. Wanting to help in some way, Nelia offered her skills to the federal and provincial Human Assets pool and was hired by Statistics Canada to assist in contact tracing and went on to become a certified federal quarantine officer.

Nelia is certified in effective communication and de-escalation, OHSA, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, AIA and many other certifications.

Nina Mauro

Communication & Social Media Specialist

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Tariq Elamin

Marketing Specialist

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