Music Program

Youth-In-Music Program.

This music program aims to provide space and opportunity for marginalized and racialized youth to develop their music skills and to receive mentorship and entrepreneurial music coaching. The purpose of this program is to promote discipline, focus, positive expression, teamwork, confidence and excellent individual performance as a mechanism to foster academic success and reduce recidivism and delinquent acts.

Keep6ix utilizes music to provide social, health, political and cultural empowerment through sounds and vision.  Through this program, Keep6ix hopes not only to give an opportunity for marginalized youth to record their music as a step toward advancing their career but also as a tool for economic success in future.

Creates a safe and positive space where youth can engage in positive activities, such as music, as a tool to prevent juvenile

This music program engages youth in a performing arts capacity as they learn music strategies by creating, presenting, reflecting, responding and analyzing music theory as it pertains to singing and the business component.

This music program consists of a curriculum that is designed to teach and train youth in the specialized areas of the music and business of music. There will be three main components:

  1. Music Industry 101 (careers, opportunities, benefits, trades, tools, etc.) B4.-1-3
  2. Music Artistry (creative processes, improvised music, elements, techniques, etc.) A-B4
  3. Self-Esteem Building (conventions, responsible practice, skills, personal growth, etc.) B3,C3

    Each week will follow a group discussion. With the following items and materials:

    • PowerPoint
    • 3 ring binders & YIM workbooks
    • Music, karaoke and mock illustrations (spoken-word, interviews, performances, etc.)
    • Short Video Clips
    • Live Demonstrations by celebrity guest performers
    • Music and singing techniques breathing articulation, projection and control
    • Branding and Intellectual Property, Recourses and Support
    • Individual Income and outcome report
    • Live Recordings (in-class recording studio)

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