About Richard Miller

Richard Miller is the Founder of Keep6ix, a Toronto-based not-for-profit organization serving the Greater Toronto area since 2017. Richard also serves as one of the Directors
for the BIFA (Black Inmates). Living in the Canadian system that dehumanizes black bodies, characterized by police brutality, and its criminal system driven by racial disparities, which obstruct and deconstruct racialized communities; Richard is dedicated to reforming the criminal justice system.

Because of Richard’s lived experiences, he is dedicated to advocating for individuals who are deemed unworthy. Richard is a connector and a huge supporter, which is evident in his partnerships with Community Partners in various initiatives in his organization.

Richard desires to see individuals achieve their best regardless of race or gender.  Through his personal and professional journey, Richard creates socioeconomic, cultural
and political opportunities for marginalized groups, thereby contributing towards a better standard of living among vulnerable groups. Indeed, Richard is seeking to
redesign the equitable and just system as a mechanism to promote social change.
Richard is also exceptionally proud of Keep6ix because of its track record in offering training and services to help youth avoid going down a disempowering path toward incarceration.

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