Speaking Engagement

We offer speakers from various cultural backgrounds, who work within public and private sectors, and are passionate about transforming lives through the delivery of educative public speaking.

Words are powerful and carry the ability to change the direction of one’s path. Words are tools that could be used to build someone up to be great and successful, or tear someone down to a state of hopelessness and failure. At Keep6ix, we believe in the power of words, coming through the source of relatable, credible, and dynamic leaders.

Our speakers prepare their message according to their audience so that conscious impact can be achieved. We understand that there are different styles of communication and delivery techniques that are more receptive and easier understood depending on the group.  We ensure that whether it is the appearance of the speaker, media content used, or materials distributed, that the audience leave engaged and captivated.

Keep6ix is currently offering speaking engagement classified as:

  • Motivational/Empowerment
  • Advocacy & Awareness
  • Professional/Industry Associations
  • Ex-offender Testimonials

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