About Tyler Murphy

Tyler Murphy is the founder and creator of the T.R.A.P. program and a licensed paralegal. Tyler is a dynamic speaker with real life experience who can communicate with a wide variety of audiences, speaking at community centers; colleges; universities; group homes; open and closed custody facilities and corporate events. Tyler’s ability to capture and engage the audience with his messages of perseverance, overcoming obstacles, battling imposter syndrome, setting goals and
taking action is captivating. Tyler’s story is relatable to people from all walks of life as it encompasses overcoming struggles, dedication, and setbacks.

Today, Tyler is a devoted father and a husband with a positive outlook for the future; however, he was not always this man.

Tyler became entrenched in a negative lifestyle at a very young age. During that period in his life, he found himself homeless, sleeping in stairwells and in and out of the justice system, labelled as a gang member. He realized that the destructive path he was on was going to end in death or prison, so he changed his way of thinking and turned his life around. Tyler went to a recognized college and successfully obtained a Business Fundamentals Certificate and graduated from an accredited Paralegal Diploma program and is now a Licensed Paralegal. Working in private big four corporations initiated Tyler’s feelings of imposter syndrome but, he was able to use his transferable skills to be a dynamic leader in corporate community engagements and initiatives.
Tyler has overcome significant stigmas, obstacles, and barriers through the years of his own reintegration process. He has documented, analyzed and reflected on the shortcomings, issues and barriers faced by individuals exiting a negative / anti-social or gang lifestyle to acknowledge and
change negative behaviours. Tyler’s passion is in criminal/social justice, lifestyle transition, reintegration and recidivism reduction strategies. He strives to teach all that redemption is real.

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