About Warren Abbey

Warren Abbey is considered an ex- gang member of Toronto, who served t-risk communities. Steering youth away from the gang-culture and criminal lifestyle, Warren is a peer-mentor and a Public Speaker. Warren has just published his first book, written behind the walls of prison, titled “Honour Thy Brother”. This book is a fiction-urban crime novel taking place in Malvern, Toronto where Warren himself grew up. In the 2.5 years that Warren has been out of prison, he has accomplished quite a lot. Warren has taken on entrepreneurship alongside some family members. Warren is a co owner in a staffing agency, and recently purchased a convenience store. He has also been approved to purchase a subway store. Warren is in the process of developing his own non-profit organization targeting youth with the goals of helping youth not to go down the same path that he did. He has purchased his first home this year as well. Warren would like to share his experiences with others to show others that no matter their circumstances, they are capable. If he can do it, so can you. Warren has been featured in many interviews and podcasts and has had a chance to speak at many events.

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