Youth Trades

To make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have been impacted by the Criminal Justice System.


To create meaningful economic change in the lives of black youth through purposeful career development in the trades industry principled by strategic partnerships with Construction Companies, Unions and Government Agencies.

Program Goals

Our goal with the Youth Trades Program is to ultimately decrease unemployment within the Black community by providing a pathway to employment in the trades. We understand trades are not the solution to all unemployment ailments within the community but we understand the black community is significantly underrepresented in the skilled trades community which has contributed to the delay within the race to finical independence.

Program Outcome

With sufficient funding we plan to supplement the salary of 100 black youth within the construction trades sector through utilization of our partnerships with existing construction companies to create a mutually beneficial relationship. This is established by providing employers with staff at reduced rates with the agreement to sponsor the individual to membership into their respective nion ultimately creating an opportunity for continued growth once the young person transitions through Keep6ix’s Youth Trades Program.

Program Strategy

By the continued development of our network of industry professionals, government gencies and employers we aim to streamline employment and career development for black youth. We understand that there are inherent barriers and difficulties being a black person within the trades which will need to addressed and mitigated. We will utilize our position within the industry to protect our young persons from ill treatment as well as to create a support system to ease and improve their transition. By supplementing their salary, we will have a direct line of communication with each employer and as such have structured a periodic review and assessment of both the employer and candidate being sponsored to allow for continued improvement and monitoring.

Program Evaluation

Overlapping with the program monitoring addressed in our program strategy Keep6ix has identified and created several milestone objectives based on the variation in the construction market requirements. All of which is meant to allow the Youth Trades Program the agility needed to ensure the adherence to our goal of black youth employment.

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